Welcome to my website. Winnaar is my surname.


i intend primarily using this site for blogging purposes. I have something to share with you. I like to keep up

with technology, specifically software related tech. 


Maybe also post some personal stuff?

Searching the web (could probably refer to it as googling) is an art. The google something requires a specific thought process and some tips & tricks. These tips and tricks unfortunately comes with experience & trial-&-error. The thought process can be learned.

The reason why I am writing this, is because you still get people who’s 1st thought when faced with a question is not Google. I had a CompSci lecturer at varsity who use to answer u in class when u asked her a question: “Doen ń Google search” translated: “Google it”. At the time I did realize the weight of her words. Only years after; with the experience, tips & tricks behind me- I now only fathom the gravity of her words.

i get so upset when posed with “ridiculous” questions, but I need to remind myself that not everyone thinks the same & have different backgrounds. One way that helps with training urself to think a certain way; is formal tertiary education (...further thoughts on this; to follow...). I would imagine it can be self-taught is another. One probably get naturally gifted ones. Others surely exist.


Tips & tricks u pick-up when doing. Trial-&-error, messing about. AND OBVIOUSLY READING helps ...Mmmmmm (AJH comes to mind). Or u could wait for the movie i.e.: YouTube.


The coolest about all of this; it’s a never ending learning venture. As we grow; tech evolves forcing us to grow further to create better tech... Meeting new people opens possibilities for further learning (ie. tips & tricks) (a3 is a prime example).