Searching the web (could probably refer to it as googling) is an art. The google something requires a specific thought process and some tips & tricks. These tips and tricks unfortunately comes with experience & trial-&-error. The thought process can be learned.

The reason why I am writing this, is because you still get people who’s 1st thought when faced with a question is not Google. I had a CompSci lecturer at varsity who use to answer u in class when u asked her a question: “Doen ń Google search” translated: “Google it”. At the time I did realize the weight of her words. Only years after; with the experience, tips & tricks behind me- I now only fathom the gravity of her words.

i get so upset when posed with “ridiculous” questions, but I need to remind myself that not everyone thinks the same & have different backgrounds. One way that helps with training urself to think a certain way; is formal tertiary education (...further thoughts on this; to follow...). I would imagine it can be self-taught is another. One probably get naturally gifted ones. Others surely exist.


Tips & tricks u pick-up when doing. Trial-&-error, messing about. AND OBVIOUSLY READING helps ...Mmmmmm (AJH comes to mind). Or u could wait for the movie i.e.: YouTube.


The coolest about all of this; it’s a never ending learning venture. As we grow; tech evolves forcing us to grow further to create better tech... Meeting new people opens possibilities for further learning (ie. tips & tricks) (a3 is a prime example).